Mon May 25 00:46:59 CEST 2015


First "Cooking-on-stage-while-the-choire-sings". Well done!

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Thu May 14 00:22:59 CEST 2015

Bit (of a) coin

Well: Some weeks ago I got 500 mBTC, that equaled 0,10 EUR. Watching Bitcoins up and down, I thought that it would be like working with gold or diamonds or ...
Today I wanted to make a test to see what happens; as the 0,10 EUR are now 0,11 EUR.

Test center Innsbruck main station:
"Bitwoos? Hamma net" at the first shop.
"Bitcoin? den Provider hamma net." ...
"Nur bar, net Bankomat" - "Wieso?" - "Sowas derf i net mit Bankomat zahlen lassen!" - "Wiederschaun!"

Telfs-Pfaffenhofen - a train station in the middle of nowhere: "Ja, 25, 50 oda 100 EUR" - "Bankomat, 25 EUR!" - "Des sollt i nur bar kassieren, aber: geht scho - Bankomat!"

I never want to hear something about: "Provinz" or "Stadt"!

Now I am still watching the up and down of bitcoin :D

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