Mit Dez 31 21:45:43 CET 2008

Roomster statistic

I have my new car since October 1st. Until now the motor was ON for 74 hours and 48 minutes. We drove 3821 km at an average speed of 51 km/h. The average sprit consumption was 7,2 l/100km.

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Mit Dez 31 21:33:26 CET 2008

dinner for one

Had a fine dinner where I offered myself things I usually do not eat:
Salmon with curry-mustard
Roastbeef in slices
mushroom pie
pearl-onions, Thai corncobs and cornichons
Emperor-Maximilian cheese
served on bread that was covered with NaOH+H2O and NaCl before it was baken.
Drinking was Guave-mint water.

All in all very delicious!

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Don Dez 25 03:17:26 CET 2008

Christmas evening

On 24th I finished my advent calendar. It was a nice electronic circuit. Click here to have a look at the whole calender.
I was with Gipsy the dog at home, played "Stille Nacht" in Ratzenbeck-style and enjoyed the presents I had for myself. At 11 p.m. I was in the church with my choire to sing for the "Mette".
Merry Christmas!

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Son Dez 14 02:27:08 CET 2008


On Saturday the "Adventstraße von Obsteig" was an event. We offered "Glühwein" and Crepes. It was very cold but we had many visitors. So it was a successfull event.

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Son Dez 14 02:09:01 CET 2008

Blind date

On friday I met a girl and we went to the "Christkindlmarkt" in the old town of Innsbruck. I didn't know her until then, but it was a fine evening with her, talking about this and that. It is years ago that I drunk 3 "Glühwein". And it is centuries ago that I had a blind date!

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Mon Dez 8 23:22:39 CET 2008

Graz again 4

After a long night the kids came very early to play with me. So there was no problem to get the train back home. The journey was short and after the wink of an eye I was back home again. Well. Fine it was!

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Mon Dec 8 02:34:01 CET 2008

Graz again 3

In the morning I woke up, because the two kids told and showed me everything they got from St. Nikolaus. Martin and Lizzy therefore had the chance to sleep an additional part of sleep. Lizzy gave the meat for defrosting on the balcony, so we had to wait longer for dinner because of minus temperatures. Then, after a short sleep I visited the cemetery and my grandma. In the evening we played Candamir and Munchkin. The final night begins now.

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Sun Dec 7 02:41:19 CET 2008

Graz again 2

slept well and long, woke up with two kids arround me. Have been shopping with Lizzy and the kids and met my mom and grandmom while having dinner at the shopping center. And then there was _the_ event: shopping at Conrad in Graz. Of course I found some little gadgets and now I am happy!
Then I visited mom and grandmom and we told storys each other about my childhood, my mothers childhood and grandmoms childhood. I even saw a photograph of my grand-grandfathers mom from 1900.
Back at Retti we played Therapy three times and had very great fun. Martin knows a lot of me and even knows me.

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Sat Dec 6 03:29:31 CET 2008

Graz again 1

Got the train to Graz, awfully filled with people. All seats in the train were reservated. From Salzburg I got a waggon, half with temperature 50°C, half 10°C. I decided to take the 10°C an put on my jacket. Rain in Graz, 7 EUR for Taxi. Talked a while with Lizzy.

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Mon Dez 1 23:54:35 CET 2008

Advent calendar

This year I have a special advent calendar from conrad: Every day there is another electronical part in the box and so every day there is another electronical experiment to do. And with the growing amount of electronic parts I can build different circuits. The final circuit on 24th dec will be the masterpiece. So every morning I am happyly looking forward to my calendar!

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