Thu Jan 24 22:17:00 CET 2013

raspis first schoolday

Today my raspberry pi had his first day in school. The little thing has it's own soul.

First it knew, that there will be NO device with the yellow "video"-plug. So the only way to access it was the net.

Then it seems that raspi knew, the schoolserver is SuSE-based, so the syslog is well hidden with another name and the dhcp-log within another folder.

After playing with nmap we got the IP and (got) him!

It also seems, that raspi knew Xephyr will not work (why?) so there was no X-forwarding!

We then established a ssh-session and the pupils were crazy about surfing with lynx on youtube :-)

The next question of one of my pupils was about where to order such a raspi. :D

I hope that we will have a lot of further fun with raspi this year!

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Wed Jan 9 21:00:37 CET 2013

Raspberrie's again

Connected to my TV - wasn't a good idea due to the resolution ... But it works fine. SD = 16 GB

expanding SD

while expanding the filesystem




started the GUI


Power while standby

running scratch

Power while starting the Program scratch

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