Mon Oct 30 22:15:25 CET 2006


At least normal timezone is back again: middle european timezone. Now I can sleep as long as I want and do not have to wake up 1 hour earlier.

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Thu Oct 26 01:14:26 CEST 2006

3d pictures

Had a nice advanced education yesterday. 3d pictures in many ways. Stereographs and anaglyphs, autostereographs and optical irritations. We built a stereograph-watcher, took a lot of pictures and produced stereo-pictures, autostereoraphs and anaglyphs. For my anaglyph you need color glasses, left is red, right is blue. Have a look at it:
Dose in 3d

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Tue Oct 24 00:00:21 CEST 2006

damned Openoffice.writer

Im writing an article for my study in OpenOffice.writer. Finaly I finished the text and begun to insert *.jpg pictures. After the fifth picture the program crashed down. After a restart it startet the recreation of the article and crashed down while doing it. Restarted Linux and restarted OpenOffice.writer. Again the recreation of the article started. And finished, so I had the article back again. But after clicking on a picture it crashed down again. Again and again. Now I fixed it by saving the article as *.txt, so the images are gone. Puh! But what now? I was very angry aout this! It seems that I will have to make a different file for the pictures and add them after printing out without page-numbers? Or make place in the file and add them by glueing them after printing out? Is that what I want? No! Any ideas?

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Sun Oct 8 03:10:50 CEST 2006

GuPhis wedding

On saturday I was on the loveliest wedding I ever was, Gudrun's and Philipp's. Played guitar in the Wiltener Basilika and then had a very nice party at the Gr├╝nwalderhof. All acts at the party showed the deep love between them and that all their friends know this, so all acts had only one goal: to show that they were made for each other. I wish them decades of fine time together.
Gudrun and Philipp

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Wed Oct 4 23:21:23 CEST 2006

new glasses

Today I got my new glasses. Even the woman at Miller-Optik was proud of the glasses and she said that they fit best on me. Have your own look as soon as possible.

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Tue Oct 3 23:47:52 CEST 2006

la prima ora

Today was the first lesson in italian. It was a solo-lesson, because I was the only one. But there will be 6 in future. Interesting: I told Pino that I can order a pizza or gelati but not more, but he started teaching me only in italian. Thanks I have pre-knowledge. come ti chiami? non sono italiano! Studio italiano ma no parlo. Soltanto un poco.
Io: come ti chiami? lui: sono Pino. Io: Di dove sei? Lui: Sono di Satriano, regione Basilicata.
He told me that he normaly uses 3 lessons to finish chapter 1. Today finally we startet with chapter 2 at the end of the lesson. Ok, I am happily looking forward to next years visit in Italy.

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