Son Okt 28 23:23:30 CET 2007

Graz day 5

Woke up early, kids and breakfast. Yesterday I decided to take the train at 10:35 and booked via internet place and ticket. Lizzy brought me to the station, it poured basins of water. The train was filled like a tin can of sardines. Even my booked place was occupied (from a nice girl). 5 hours later a change to the regional train and then back home again. Big welcome from my cat, about 30 minutes caressing then feeding. Well, that was a too short trip to Graz, but very fine.

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Sun Oct 28 01:50:22 CEST 2007

Graz day 4

Early wake up today. Went shopping with Lizzy and Martin. Fine dinner and then a repair job at my grandmas bath. Done. Oliver took me up and we drove to Rabnitz. Coffee and cake, children and playing, talking and then dowsing for water in the childrens room. Talking about this and that. Back home I played another "Settlers of Catan" game with Lizzy and today I really didn't win. Unfortunately. Computing with Martin and burning a DVD with pictures. Well, that have been my short hollidays at Graz.

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Sat Oct 27 11:51:43 CEST 2007

Graz day 3

Woke up, get out of bed, breakfast and dinner: schnitzel and chips. As desert: 4 hours of sleeping. A short trip to Helmut J. in the Wienerstra├če, talking about news and happy to meet again. Next term was "Abenteuer Menschheit", a game from Klaus Teuber. Finished the evening watching "Was gibt es neues". Great day.

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Fri Oct 26 02:49:37 CEST 2007

Graz day 2

Woke up with 2 children in my arms. They were not sleeping, they had 100% power. So I stopped the process of sleeping. Their grandma came and we had a fine dinner. In the afternoon I did a walk through Conrad. Bought some interesting books. Met my grandma and had a fine talk. In the evening I played settlers of catan with Lizzy and had a fine evening. Now I am tired enough for sleeping.

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Thu Oct 25 03:06:38 CEST 2007

Graz day 1

Finished teaching at 12:30, back home, eating, packing, to the train at 16:27 and the travell begun. Overfilled train until Schwarzach/St. Veit, empty train until Graz. Wet but not rainy, warmer than in Tirol. Talking about this and that, school and router, boys and girls, strings and ... bicycles. Fine to be here.

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Mon Okt 22 23:44:15 CEST 2007

linksys one more time

One more time, but it will not be finished at all. Today I attached him to marvin and to the Internet. Guess what happened: It didn't work. After calling Albert and Bernd I called my provider "Funk-Lan" and they wanted the MAC-address of the router. After a reboot it worked and I had access to the Internet. So I started WLAN. Connecting without encryption works, but neither WEP nor WPA nor WPA2. Sometimes I think I will reinstall my old netgear, because I don't know _why_ it doesn't work: connecting - please enter passphrase - connecting - please enter passphrase - connecting - ... and so on

... writing this on marvin, caliban opened his kwalletmanager and guess what: connected via WPA (PSK). Let's see, what will be tomorrow.

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Sam Okt 20 01:22:42 CEST 2007

linksys again

Today I had another 2 hour mobile-talk with Bernd because of my new open-wrt-linksys. After the first change it didn't boot again and I had to flash it again. Damn! There I waited too long with the power-plugin so it failed. Another flash. Damndamn! Then it worked. We made several settings so that I can exchange it at the weekend. What we didn't find was the setting to copy the MACaddress. Only a commandline-tool. Let's have a look. Thanks again to Bernd to bee so patient. :-)

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Sam Okt 20 01:15:55 CEST 2007

new mobile

Since today I have my new mobile in work: The Nokia N73. It can work with word, excel and powerpoint files, with flash and pdf files, has a real-player, it can edit movies, pictures and sound, it has a 3,2 MPxel camera with good zeiss-lenses and a second camera for video-call on the other side, usb connection, stereo speakers, internet connectivity, mail, full organizer, you can watch TV, it has bluetooth and infrared, and the best of all: It even works as a mobile too! ;-)

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Sam Okt 20 00:56:08 CEST 2007

snowy little scenery

The landscape is covered with snow, hight 1 cm. Well, I have still summer-tires mounted...

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Mit Okt 17 00:53:33 CEST 2007

An Odyssee

Today I recieved my linksys wrt54gl-de. I managed all settings in the original firmware. Then I installed Linux (openwrt). The effect was: no linksys at all in any net. It was so called "bricked". I called Albert for almost an hour and then Bernd for almost 3 hours. We managed it to get a telnet connection and installed the openwrt while Odysseus booting. Sounds easy, but it was very tricky. The next days I will play with my new toy, hoping not have to do the procedure again. Thanks Albert and thanks Bernd for spending their time for/with me.

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Sam Okt 13 00:52:18 CEST 2007

caretaker in action

The caretaker is on the run again: SH3 ordered the caretaker for solving the "running toilet", that is exchanging the sealing. Also SH3 ordered the caretaker for hints arranging Davids two new rooms. Let's see, how the caretaker will manage these two new adventures!

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Sam Okt 13 00:43:17 CEST 2007

cutting edge

I soldered a little electronic wiring to connect a FONera via the serial interface to the pc. All it does is balancing out the different voltage settings. After exchanging Rx and Tx it worked on Gregors PC. I hope, he has fun with it!

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Mon Okt 8 23:22:06 CEST 2007

additional RAM

Some days ago I clicked on "buy now" at ebay for "512 MB RAM for Lenovo R60 thinkpad" for 7,30 EUR plus 4 EUR shipping to Austria. Today I recieved the RAM, wondering if it will be OK for this price. Managed the screwdriver and installed the RAM to caliban. Restart and ... it worked! So I have now 1 GB of RAM working inside caliban. And it feels like flushing soap. Fine!

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Fre Okt 5 22:39:33 CEST 2007

nose closed

Since yesterday my nose is closed and running very quickly and very wet. Head is down on 70 %. Waiting for healthy reboot.

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