Sam Feb 23 02:10:24 CET 2008


I had a fine day skiing at the Muttereralm. I tried the new slope down to Götzens and the new restaurant. Very fine outside: No "Hüttenmusik" but fine slow jazz music! The snow can be called "Sulz" now and the better slope for me was down to Götzens.
At the final downhill-drive I noticed the open door at the old middle-station at the Nockalm. The old funicular gondola railway was in operation from 1953 until 2000. So I went in and took some pictures. Have a look at one:
Old station

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Fre Feb 22 00:44:44 CET 2008

OeBB Vorteilscard

Last week:
I went to the station in Innsbruck and asked if it is true and possible to get -30 % on the price for the Vorteilscard when I show the IKEA-familycard. The answer was: "Yes, we can do it right now if you want." - "No thanks, I will search for an actual picture and come next week."
15 minutes before the departure of the train to my sister: "Here I am, I want the Vorteilscard with -30% because of the IKEA-family card." Answer: "Sorry, but that's not possible. You _have_ to buy a temporary card at IKEA and then fill out the form to get the real Vorteilscard sent to you. So you get the minus 30 %". "What? You're joking!". So I had to buy a full-price-ticket to travel to my sister.
I bought the card at IKEA in Salzburg for 69 instead of 99 EUR. We drove home and I wanted to print out the order-form to get the real card. While doing that I came to the point "upload a picture" and said NO. I had the picture in my hand and wanted to add it to the form physicaly. The page said: To use the IKEA card advantage you _must_ upload a picture online. Waaaahhhh!
Godthanks I could print out a ticket back home using the temporary card number for a 50%-ticket.
Next joke:
I took a ticket "Riedersbach - Innsbruck" because I have a ticket "Innsbruck - Mötz". Payed 20.30 EUR. After doing and paying that I tested Scotty, the System "From home to home". I said "Riedersbach - Obsteig" and got an offer with bus, same train and another bus from Innsbruck to Obsteig. Cost: 19,50 EUR. What? Longer distance - fewer price? Normaly I had to pay additional 2,30 EUR using the bus to Obsteig instead of the train to Mötz.

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Son Feb 17 00:38:45 CET 2008

devils haircut

Because of a comunication problem I got a devils haircut. "The distance device is plugged in" versus "The distance device is _not_ plugged in". It was noticed too late what was the truth. This is the song to the devils haircut.
Devils haircut

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Sam Feb 16 23:38:17 CET 2008


On friday I had my first exam in geometry. Well. And after that my holidays started. Relaxing for one week will be very fine!

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Sam Feb 16 23:28:12 CET 2008


Yesterday we had the annual general meeting of our choir. This was my first year as chairman. Even the burgomaster visited us. We listened to the reports of me, the choirmaster and the cashier. After a short look in the future we opend the buffet and the bar. We endet up at 1.30 a.m. at the tavern "Stern". Well, it was a fine evening and I got as a present black stockings for future funerals.

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Sam Feb 2 00:16:55 CET 2008

He died

Yesterday afternoon the husband of my friend died because of heavy brain damage.

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