Son Mär 30 23:38:33 CEST 2008

Rechtenthal day 3

After the breakfast we sang a last time in an ancient chapel in Tramin. Then we went to Sigmundskron and had three fine hours at the Messner Mountain Museum Firmian. The bus took us home and a wonderful weekend ended.

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Sat Mar 29 20:59:09 CET 2008

Rechtenthal day 2

The cellar party yesterday lasted very long, but no poblem in the morning singing deep notes. A big breakfast opened our day. Then we sang the whole day, sometimes only in groups of the same voices. In the big rehearsal we recorded digitaly the songs of our new CD. It was great. Almost no failures, wonderful sound and happyness all over the choir. In the evening we gave a big concert, recorded it too and the visitor was amazed! Now I will start the second examination of the cellar-bar.

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Fri Mar 28 22:22:21 CET 2008

Rechtenthal day 1

After a short travel to Tramin we reached the castel, got our rooms, had a fine meal and found ourselfs in the first rehearsal. Short time to remember old songs, but then the songs sounded great! The view from my room to the "Kalterersee" ist breathtaking! In the following hours I will explore the cellar-bar...

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Don Mär 20 02:14:05 CET 2008

graz day 4

Woke up, get out of bed, dragged a comb along my head. Had no smoke and drank a cup. Looking up and noticed it was late...
Lizzy brought me to the station and I got the train. 6 hours later Lea waited for me and took me home. Thanks! That have been my easter-holidays!

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Tue Mar 18 02:58:41 CET 2008

graz day 3

Slept long again, went to the shopping mall with Lizzy and the kids. Had dinner there what was not easy because of the kids. Then I met Birgit and Rebecca and Florian, had a coffee and talked about this and that. Then I enjoyed a fine hour walking through the Conrad-shop. I found a lot of "Wanna-haves" but bought only Micro-switches and 25 LED's. It was fine though because I could see, what would be available. Then a visit at my fathers grave, he had his birth-day today. A short visit at my grandma finished the "outside-day". I had a fine evening with Martin, watching funny things at the PC and finaly I had another Settlers of Catan game with Lizzy that I won. Mailing finished my last day in Graz.

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Mon Mar 17 03:00:57 CET 2008

graz day 2

Slept long, played with the kids, had a fine dinner. Visited my grandpa, my grandma and my father at the graveyard. Played Settlers of Catan with Lizzy and had a bad run. The finish was a fine talk about friendships and partnerships.

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Sun Mar 16 01:34:23 CET 2008

Graz day 1

Got the train from Mötz at 10:29 to Graz. Overloaded, but I had a place booked. Lizzy was at the station to take me to her. A fine dinner and then a game "Settlers of Catan", she won. Afterwards a lot of talking and much laughter. Easter holidays started!

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Son Mär 2 23:55:04 CET 2008


Just to be up to date: look for programs for your mobile to encrypt pictures like this one:

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