Son Jun 29 01:22:56 CEST 2008

two hobbits

Bernd and I spent the whole saturday setting up two servers for Bobo Dioulassu. There were some holes where we felt in, but at 11 p.m. we could look at two working servers, Bilbo and Frodo. Together with them will come a third one for taking parts off if needed. We used Ubuntu-server LTS Hardy Heron which I think is not so bad. Webmin, Samba, DNS, Squid, are working, DHCP not yet. Setting up RAID5 worked from the beginning very fine! Well, that was great!
Some of the beginners-failures: using the same subnet for wan and lan and wondering, why it doesn't work. Forgetting 'sudo' 100 times at the beginning of a command. The plug of the network-cable was released 5 mm, but still in, caused us to reinstall some parts before thinking about it.
Also see at Bernd's pictures
The fourth server will stay here and enables me to test some configurations, most the DHCP and user management.

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Son Jun 22 00:10:21 CEST 2008

Political science

Today I had a presentation of the political and economic situation of the Republic Moldova. The opening was a plastic bag from a shop in Chishinau, the capital. I had sweets, produced in Chishinau, a youth magazin of Moldova and a package of cigarettes. The students where very amused and liked the opening. I presented the parties and the political system. Finaly I got the grade "very good". Apart of that I had two tests in geometry. Constructing two bodies in a 3-D program (GAM) and constructing the origin of a triangle, given the corner-points as x-y-z-coordinates. That is: constructing the triangle in the three axis-views and then construting the true length of each side that means the triangele in original size. Yeah! Finished it! In the next year there will be other things to be constructed!

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Son Jun 15 23:50:29 CEST 2008


At last, we, the choir "Stimmquadrat Obsteig", proudly presented our finished CD "Stemming". At the wonderful location "Bernardisaal" in Stams we had a big audience, the room was quite full and some listeners even had no chair, although we had 265 seats. We sang very good and got plenty of applause. Afterwards we offered Prosecco and juice, so the whole audience could talk to each other, and they bought a lot of CDs. If you want to order one, just mail me.

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