Son Nov 23 23:43:37 CET 2008

Kiwanis part 2

On saturday evening my choir had the second concert arranged by the Kiwanis club in Landeck-Perjen. The biggest problem was the snow. But almost all memebers arrived in Perjen an we had a wonderful concert in the church. Afterwards we were invented in a restaurant for a fine dinner. Driving home was a snowy, tricky thing.

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Son Nov 23 23:33:30 CET 2008


Kraftwerk is our teams name for the FIRST Lego league. After 8 weeks preparation we were part of the competition in Schwaz last saturday. My kids met themselfs, bought the train tickets an entered my train punctually. We had some troubles with our laptop, but after solving the problem they constructed and programmed two more challenges. Although they had a great performance in different challenges (robot-game, science-presentation, teamworking and robotdesign) we were not under the first three winners. But they were winners either, because just taking part of the challenge leads to personal winning! It was a fine day with my kids!

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Son Nov 23 23:08:27 CET 2008

Kiwanis part 1

On friday evening my choir had a concert, arranged by the Kiwanis-club in Imst in the Johanniskirche. It was a very good event and the choir sang very good. We presented our program: "Stemming", that you can order on CD.

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Die Nov 11 23:06:13 CET 2008

catmans launch

Today was the inofficial launching of the yacht "Catman" in the water butt to see, how the hull works. No water intrusion, the hull lies perfect in the water. So I can becalmed make the electronic installation for the first runout somewhen in the next weeks. Have a first glimpse at the fine mahogany yacht:
Yacht Catman

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