Son Jän 29 02:06:27 CET 2012

my grandma

On Saturday, 28th my grandma died. Healthy, 88 years old, she slept peacefully away to another shore. Thanks for my grandma!

Meine Oma

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Don Jän 5 23:39:22 CET 2012

No Electricity

19:10 report in "Tirol heute" about communities without electricity
19:11 I am one of these households.

60 candles stored, one gas-lamp, the phone-torch of my Nokia N9 --> enough light
Laptop-accu for 2 hours, mobile internet on the N9 --> contact to the rest of the world

21:20 Electricity again.

The test was successful!

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Don Jän 5 03:05:57 CET 2012

N9 Battery

Normal use; that is: phon-ing, sms-ing, list-ing, but no wlan, no mobile-internet. I reached 46 hours. Well.

Battery N9

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