Sat Dec 31 02:12:34 CET 2005

launching of the yacht

Today was the launching of the motor-yacht building. It is the first one, I had as a child, built after a plan I found 15 years ago again in Graz. Soon you will get pictures of it.

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Sun Dec 25 02:49:11 CET 2005

Christmas 2005

We had a fine Christmas evening with barleysoup and cruller, Bethlehem story, Christmas carols, exchanging gifts and cookies afterwards. At midnight we sang with the choir in the church, I played the guitar. It was a nice evening.
xmas 2005

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Fri Dec 23 23:51:28 CET 2005

train desaster

Driving down to Mötz at 6.10 a.m. with 30 km/h behind a slipping lorry in heavy snowfall. Dangerous. Got the train, but in Telfs was train-end. Between Innsbruck and Völs the contact wire of the train was fallen down. So no train could pass. After 3 hours of waiting in Telfs I had a train back to Mötz, because school has ended in the meantime. Driving up the hill to Fronhausen 2 lorrys slipped over the street and stopped all the traffic. I moved along their side and had luck and passed them! This was the beginnig of the xmas-holidays. Curious: in the afternoon it started raining, and now we have mush of snow.

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Thu Dec 22 23:53:16 CET 2005

Linux in school

Today me and my pupils finished installing ubuntu and kubuntu in one computerroom. We decided not to change the default boot to windows. So everybody who takes no look at the boot-prompt will end up in Linux.

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Sat Dec 17 00:34:36 CET 2005


Today I received a Stratocasterfrom Squier, this is the cheaper line of Fender. I tested it immediately and it felt very fine with a great sound. Unfortunately I ordered this guitar not for me but for someone else who wants to give it away as christmas gift. So I have time until monday to test it. And I _will_ do it!

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Fri Dec 16 16:20:53 CET 2005

ubuntu, dsl, kanotix, knoppix, kubuntu

On thursday afternoon I tried something new with my pupils. We tried to install different linuxes on our school-pc's. The first try was damnSmallLinux (DSL)where we had no success, because the installer couldn't find the free partition and I hadn't read exactly the instructions.
The next try was Knoppix, but we read the howto and the first sentence was: "In any cases DO NOT install Knoppix to a HDD". So we stopped this.
Try number three was Kanotix but there was no success either. The howto told us: "Simply start the installation by clicking on the item in the menu". But in all cases we startet Kanotix _this_ item was missing.
Number four was kubuntu but alas, I had the dvd with me, and in school we have only CD-drives.
The last try was ubuntu. And this one worked. Only very few inputs had been requested: Language, country, is the hardware clock GMT and the username and password oft the "Quasi"-administrator. After 45 minutes all and everything worked fine. Grub detects W2k, we have net-access, and ubuntu comes in german, which makes it more easy for my pupils. We added a normal user to work and tested it. And I must say, the optical outfit looks cool.

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Tue Dec 13 23:15:04 CET 2005

to boldly go were no cat has gone before

After 18 month of living here my cat found a new place to explore: Katharinas high-bed. I don't know how he managed the stairway, but have a look at your own:
A view from high above.
There must be something higher!
Looking down the stairs.
I did it!

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Sun Dec 11 21:21:53 CET 2005


still ill since days. No beer, no cigarette. still ill.

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Wed Dec 7 19:40:00 CET 2005

Parents speaking day

Just finished the paernts evening and told 15 parents the same old story of their kids: They should learn more, they should learn more, they should learn more, heyheyhey! (sounds like a song?). But the day, that begun at 5.15 a.m. is not finished yet. The teachers will have a "nice" evening with dinner afterwards. So i think, it will be the last train back home today.

update: It was not the last train, it was Bernhard who brought me back to my car in Telfs. Now I am back home at 2.15 a.m. We had our xmas-event at the shooting-guild in Mils, where we had the chance to try the shooting sport with air-guns. We tryed shooting at 10 meters on shields of 5 cm diameter. They are divided into 9 rings and in addition the center is marked as 10th ring. So maximum account was 100 rings to shoot. Quite difficult to see those tiny little rings. But I was the winner with 96 rings.
But shooting at the xmas-dinner has some sort of bitter taste.

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Tue Dec 6 00:12:24 CET 2005

Nikolaus was there

Today I played the Nikolaus for children in the Stubaital village Kampl.
Chrisu is Nikolaus
14 famylies waited for me between 5 and 8 p.m. Glowing eyes from nervous children, smiling faces from proud parents when the kids told me their poems and gave me drawings the kids made or when they sang a song. Oh, what a christmas feeling! The wrong mustache was awful, the wrong Mitra produced headache. But all for happy glowing kids eyes. Maybe next year you want to rent me?

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Sun Dec 4 23:35:16 CET 2005


Had a fine lunch today at Locherboden. The decoration is some sort of "Extra-kitschig". But meal is very very good!

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Sun Dec 4 00:45:42 CET 2005

My home isch my Kaschtl

Today we were at the Bierstindl in the Gerhard Sexl cabaret "My home isch my Kaschtl". It was intended as an information evening for house builders. It seemed that he has looked at us during our house building and now he tells our story to the audience. Even the story with the dog was ours.

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Sat Dec 3 00:22:26 CET 2005

My car has got it

Today I was at the ÖAMTC to make the §57a test. After 207000 kilometers he said that it is in a good shape. Only normal usage-failures that have no consequence. So I got the "Pickerl". fine.

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