Thu Mar 30 16:45:59 CEST 2006

root from system removed

Some months ago I lost one filling. Some days ago the root was damaged and the pain was indescribably. I was looking for a doctor, found a female dentist in Haiming and thought by myself: Friday afternoon. But today morning the pain said: immediately! So no school, waiting at the doctor for spare time and finally I had the choice: remove the tooth complete or trying a root treatment. Ok, no removal, let's first try to keep the tooth inside. I remembered all from beeing at a dentist in my childhood , but I forgot one thing: the anesthetization paralizes all but the root of the tooth. Ouch! In 2 weeks we will have a date to look at it and then decide wether it gets a new filling or it will be removed. God thanks, root on my PC is still there!

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Mon Mar 27 00:25:34 CEST 2006

fine cooking

Today I had the part of cooking, and my decision was a summertime meal (MESTM). Sorry, but the names are german: The apetizer were "Kaspressknödl auf Steinpilzsoße" followed by "Nudeln mit Radieschen - Mungobohnenkeimlingen - Weißwein - Sugo und gebratenem Lachs mit Schnittlauchsoße". The dessert was "Schokoladenpudding mit Mangospalten". Time of preparation was 2 hours, time of eating 20 minutes and time of cleaning the kitchen 1 hour. But the taste was superb and the stomachs were quite full!

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Mon Mar 27 00:10:49 CEST 2006

the new PC

I took the other network card, installed the driver I had and all was good. Internet connection from the first second on. Then I installed, Pegasus mail, Irfan View and Antivir. So the PC is working for its purposes and fast enough. All in all 16 times reboot. Well.

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Sun Mar 26 00:11:43 CET 2006

new old PC

This is the story of Claudias new PC:
The old one died, so i got a "new" one, mounted all parts (hdd, fdd, network device, graphic card and RAM). After some reboots I knew, the motherboard was damaged in the RAM section.
Then I got another "new" PC, 333 MHz, 97 MB RAM, ATI Rage 3D graphic card and a guillemont soundcard. I installed Ubuntu and had the following effects:
Very very slow, but now I know, minimum should be 500 MHz and 256 MB RAM.
No sound, the card was not recognized.
No printer, the printer was not recognized too.
A screen resolution of 862 x 680. I dont know the vertical and horizontal frequencies.
All in all, it was not usable.

So I decided to kill Ubuntu: I erased the HDD and installed my Win98II.
13 reboots untill printer and graphic is installed. What a feeling. Only the network card is not working. I have no drivers. So I will use my other card tomorrow where I have drivers. I always thought Win autodetects this devices? Win98II was made for PC's like this. It is running very "fluid".

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Mon Mar 20 00:12:03 CET 2006

Choir concert

Today we had a wonderful concert in the church of Obsteig because the church's patron saint is St. Joseph and today is St. Joseph's day. We sang a Mozart mass, KV 275 "Missa brevis in B minor". Even the "Freiwillige Feuerwehr" and the "Schützen" said that it sounded great. There were about 150 listeners in the church.

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Sat Mar 18 01:04:00 CET 2006

first qso after 17 years and 6 month

As amateur radio operator you have to log each and every use of the frequencies. So I had a look at my log and saw my last entry at 14.10.1988. Today I tried for the first time to make a call, to see if my transmitter works. And it does. So after 17 years and 6 month I was on air again. Amazing, that batteries still are alive after recharging after that time. Unfortunately none of the person I know are radio amateurs. So I will see, what I will do with this.
For interested people: First I tried 3 Watt to reach the Patscherkofel relais OE7XTI. There were no problems. Then I tried 0,1 Watt to reach it, also no problems. That means: I can reach the Patscherkofel relais as I would use a small pocket lamp over this distance. And the Patscherkofel relais sends with 10 W the recieved signal. So it is no problem to talk to people from Kufstein to Landeck and sometimes Munich.

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Wed Mar 15 00:04:08 CET 2006


After a lot of searching in my cellar I found my old hand held transceiver for 2m FM, an ALINCO 203 E. The last recharge of the batterys was 1987. So I wondered, if this thing still works. I charged the batteries for 15 hours and then started it. Well. There were the frequencies, I stored in 1987 still there. Today, I switched it on for the whole evening, no problems to listen to the recievers on Grünberg OE7XWH and Patscherkofel OE7XTI. My amateur radio sign is OE7JAJ. I listened to a talk between Mieminger Plateau and Sydney/Australia. Quite nice. Amateur radio is back again. :-)

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Fri Mar 10 00:03:51 CET 2006

some more snowflakes

After waking up in the morning I opened the front door and thought I couldn't beleave my eyes. Too much snow! It took me 1 hour to free my drive out of the car port. So I missed the first train and was too late for the first lesson. Fernpass closed. From Fronhausen to Mötz a lot of standing lorrys without snowchains. But have a look at your own and compare with yesterday evening:
The terrace:
The front side of the house:
the house frontside
Gipsy is too small for this amount of snow:
Gipsy too small
No snow sticks visible at the side of the street. This is the lookout of the front door:
no snow stick

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Wed Mar 8 20:42:41 CET 2006

some snowflakes are falling

Long expected, but finally we got it: snow. Unfortunately it is still March and not November. I had to clean the carport driveout and had to remove 20 cm new snow. Thanks, it was powder-snow.

Looking north, in the background the B 189:
the street
The terrace:
Looking south over the lake:
the garden

update: now, 4 hours later there is about more than twice as much snow lying outside.

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Fri Mar 3 22:27:33 CET 2006

Choire directing

Have a Seminar at the Grillhof for directing a choire and using your voice. Nice. Sang until now.

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Thu Mar 2 23:47:18 CET 2006

Good day

And after all it was a good day after teaching 9 hours and playing guitar when I had my All-in-one Weli Toast.

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Thu Mar 2 23:43:14 CET 2006

emails checking

I detected, that my mobile has the possibilities to act as an email client. So we tried, sitting in the Weli, to check my emails and write one with my mobile. It works fine. But what is authenticated login? Anyway, now I can check my mails anywhere I am. ;-)

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Thu Mar 2 23:34:52 CET 2006


One of my pupils is very good in handycraft. So he built an ashtray-cigaretteholder-pencilcase for musicians that can be attached to a note-desk in only 3 hours. It looks very nice and is good work.
In the Weli, Gregor and I met Klemi and we exchanged blues-notes for our summer tour.

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Wed Mar 1 23:19:33 CET 2006

Fasching is over

Thanks, finally Fasching is over. Yesterday we were at a "Faschingsparty" in a restauarnt of Obsteig. It was funny and lasted long. Countryside-like.

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