Sun Nov 26 01:53:25 CET 2006

reached Graz

Reached Graz at 23:25 on Friday evening. Martö and Rettich waited for me at the station. We went for one beer to Martös pup. After a short night we visited Conrad, the elektronic shop and then I met Birgit, Oliver, Rebecca and Florian. We had a nice saturday afternoon. Finished saturday with a talking evening with martin an lizzy, added by a 40 minute talk to Pezi in Carinthia who had a birthday party today between the toilett and the couch. Well, it was very fine!

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Wed Nov 22 23:59:54 CET 2006


Drove to the ÖAMTC and left my car there for one hour. After that hour I got a new "Pickerl". Well, thats fine for 212000 km.

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Mon Nov 20 23:45:01 CET 2006

lotto win

I played Euro-Millionen for the first time because of the 180.000.000 EUR possibility, knowing the chances of winning as 1 to 76.000.000. And know what? I cracked the jackpot. Say, a little tiny crack. I won 9,40 EUR. It was topped by a lotto 4 on sunday with 58,70 EUR. Hey, the chance winning in both games the same time is nearly impossible. The beginning of richness!

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Fri Nov 17 00:15:28 CET 2006

new programs

I'm on the run for new programs. Found TeXmacs, a TeX UI that uses emacs as editor. Great, I liked it from the first time, because it feels like my preferred editor (surprise!). The next program I explore is inkscape. And I am astonished what is possible with it. Third is tuxguitar. Strange, but I think, I could handle it if I want. Let it grow...

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Fri Nov 10 00:17:04 CET 2006


Today I did my job as Gregoas Hausmasta. It was exchanging the seal of gregors bathtubs fittings. His words were: "So easy? thats all?". I will think about opening a caretakers service.

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Tue Nov 7 23:40:58 CET 2006

writing and writing again

It is strange for me and has a "deja vu" experience for me: writing articles for special themes with 20 to 30 pages amount. That means reading, reading, reading and reading other articles, and generate my own thoughts. But two of them came back with: "Well, thats fine and ok". I wrote one more wright this week, so there are only 4 left...

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Wed Nov 1 23:12:49 CET 2006

Funny shopping

I had to order a camera for a friend of mine, especially the Fuji E900. In all austrian shops it was sold out. Then I found it in Europe, in Paris. So I ordered the camera in Paris, and it should be here within 2 or 3 days. The world becomes a village!

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Wed Nov 1 22:30:19 CET 2006

First snow

5,5 weeks after my last swimming in the lake we had today the first snowfall. Not much but in fact: snow

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