Sat Feb 24 01:02:27 CET 2007


3 hours tour. Wilhelm Busch city. Visited a private brewery. Streetlight out at midnight. Timeshift pub.

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Fri Feb 23 00:04:19 CET 2007

USB stick

Bought an USB stick with 1 GB at Metro for 9 EUR. As big as my thumbnail. I have to take care of not breathing it in.

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Tue Feb 20 00:10:57 CET 2007

no lezione

Purtroppo domani no lezione di corso d'italiano perche Pädak e chiuso a causa di "Faschingsdienstag".

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Thu Feb 15 01:16:31 CET 2007

Little drummer boy

I was with my sister at the rehearsal of the "Blasmusik" as listener. This evening they had noone at the drums. So the chief asked me if I would take the part of the big drum, so the musicians can play better in time. I did it and they were happy and astonished that I can play the big drum right in time. Well. Another musik part.

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Thu Feb 15 01:02:44 CET 2007


Made a tour to Salzburg's Europark, a shopping center. Found acrylic colours for modelling for 1,96 EUR instead 2,49 EUR in Innsbruck. Europark is very big, Sillpark would fit into the entry area of this shopping center. Finally I found a set of DVD from the TV series UFO and bought it. We watched the first one and I have to say: "wow, great!". Commander Ed Straker from the Organization S.H.A.D.O. and the future of 1980 seen from 1970! Bought a medicine in Laufen: 25 % cheaper than in Austria.

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Wed Feb 14 00:45:57 CET 2007

Meeting my sister

Went within 3 hours to my sister in Upper Austria and had a nice evening, rewarming old remindings of our childhood. Sitting on a PC with XP running but I will take one of her PCs for the next installparty with me. It should become a Debian PC.

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Mon Feb 12 00:41:06 CET 2007

Katharina's "Maturaball"

On Saturday was Katharinas "Maturaball" in the Congress Hall of Innsbruck. It was a great event with one of the highest visitor amounts the congress hall had.. We had much fun and did a lot of dancing. I even met one of my girl pupils.

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Sat Feb 10 00:29:32 CET 2007

term break

Finally reached term break. Had Math in the fourth and fifth lesson and did calculating until the last minute. The pupils had no problem with it and did well until the last second.

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Sat Feb 3 23:55:06 CET 2007


13 years ago I bought an airbrush system. In the meantime the company is gone. Even the colours. So I stirred up the old colours and tried if they are useful and what a surprise: They work! After 13 years! First I tested flat black on the moon surface of the Apollo landing module. Have a look:
Then I tested flat white on Galileo, the USS Enterprise shuttle and it worked too:
Galileo shuttle
And at last I tested the new acrylic colours with water as solution with "earth brown" on the tower building of a WW II airfield and it works perfect. Look:
airfield tower

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