Sun Mar 25 23:38:09 CEST 2007


... and the living is easy!

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Tue Mar 20 23:54:53 CET 2007

snowy little scenery

While there was very few snow in Hall we had apr. 20 cm high (or deep) snow in Obsteig. As much as we had never in this winter before. Thanks, but now it's enough.

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Tue Mar 20 23:39:28 CET 2007


On monday evening we had the mass for St. Josef, which is the patron saint of the church in Obsteig. We celebrated the "Orgelsolomesse" from W.A.Mozart, KV 259 C maj. Plus Tolite Hostias from Saint Saens and Graduale (Locus iste) from Anton Bruckner. With us was a little orchestra. The mass was celebrated by Abt German, the abbot from Stams. So it was a very very big event with a church full with listeners even almost behind the organ. Even the "Schützen" and the "Feuerwehr" liked our singing and it was really good. Afterwards we had a fine meal in the Aschlandhof. I recorded it digitally while singing and there were no problems and the sound is pretty fine.

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Mon Mar 19 00:25:31 CET 2007

micro br

I used my new digital recorder boss micro br for the first time as recording device for the choir because we had the final rehearsal on friday. The recordings are very very good. The first hearing told me that it is even better than the MD recording. I can regulate the input signal better so it is not warped. The second reasons are the plugin effects and the mastering tools of the device. I was cheering! I'm happily looking forward the concert on monday evening, 19.03.2007.

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Sun Mar 11 23:56:25 CET 2007


For the first time in this winter season I was skiing. I was in Hochötz and it was great! Very few people and great snow! It was a fine day!

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Sun Mar 11 00:30:47 CET 2007

Blauzahn 2

Is Bluetooth weather dependent? Today: 35 KB/s. Strange!

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Sat Mar 10 00:24:42 CET 2007

Warp drive

On thursday evening when I went home from the Weli with the train I got the chance to sit in the room of the train leader. He told me to sit at the spare-chair and he will tell me all of the functions. So I took the chance to see, how the TALENT train works. The best thing: there was a button "warp-drive" and he told me, that this has to be used when the train is late at stations to be very very fast. So he waited in one station some seconds and then showed me the function of the warp button. Better acceleration and a little higher speed, but the best is: I travelled with warp speed! Yeah! It was very interesting sitting in the command chamber of a very new train working almost only with computers. There are no mirrors but 2 cams installed on the TALENT. So he sees, where to stop. And cams to watch the passengers. High tech all over.

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Fri Mar 9 23:33:01 CET 2007


Bought an Bluetooth usb stick, installed bluez, connected it and it works. Now I can transfere the pictures from my mobile to the PC. But unfortunately it is a very slow connection 1 KB/s. Anyway, it works. In school it worked after installing a connection programm and restarting the w2k PC. :-)

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Sat Mar 3 02:14:20 CET 2007


After several problems with a PC from one of the choir's members I was called to solve the problems. My way:
Installed Firefox and Thunderbird.
Almost all of the problems were solved. Afterwards I installed foxit (pdf.reader), faststone (images), the camera and an ipod and all of the problems were gone.
Normal users want the PC to work; they are not interested in the operating system.
They dont mind what icon they click or what it looks like. They want it to work as they want.
Next time I will set Debian on their PC and sell it as a new lookalike.

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