Son Nov 25 01:00:10 CET 2007

First Lego League

The FIRST Lego League 2007 is history. We had a great day, started at 7:35 at main station Hall in Tirol, then in Schwaz 3 rounds of Robot-contest, Research presentation, Team presentation and Techniques presentation. We finally endet up very very good with rank 2 (silver) in Robot-design and programming and rank 3 (bronze) in Teamwork. The best ranking ever in the last 5 years. The boys were happy and me too! I think this will have positive effects for the rest of the year in school!

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Fre Nov 23 23:14:04 CET 2007

sketching nudes

Yesterday we had another event of the actors group "Mesnerhaus". We engaged a model that actet nude as "Aktmodell" for us. We trained our skills to take a sketch within 15 minutes. The event lastes 3 hours and in the end I was exhausted because of concentrated sketching for 3 hours.

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Fre Nov 23 22:56:58 CET 2007

pre FLL

Although I finished school today at 10:25, I left the school-house at 15:30. We managed the last details for the First Lego League tomorrow. I wonder how my pupils will act tomorrow in Schwaz at the contest. They have the project presentation, they have most of the robot-contest and they became a little Team, that, I hope, they will show the jury tomorrow. Nevertheless it was worth the energy I put in, even when they will not win at all. The group evolved from several pupils to a team of members, each with a responsibility to the others. I think I will see the positiv effects throughout the rest of the year. That is: 131 days of school until the beginning of summerholidays.

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Sam Nov 17 00:34:08 CET 2007

saving energy

I changed my desktop light from energy saving light bulb to LED bulb. The first bulb took 11 Watt in use, the LED bulb only 1,8 Watt. In addition to that I installed a radio transmitting energy plugin. It causes all standby facilitys to not take any energy while not in use. Let's see whow much energy I will be saving in one year.

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Fre Nov 16 23:26:01 CET 2007


"Schule - Wirtschaft - und Du" was the title of the todays event at my PTS. 26 ventures presented their apprenticeships. Felder, Dinkhauser, Jäger, Strabag, Swarovski and more, and also our school presented themselves to pupils of the third class and for our pupils. So they got a view on possible jobs. It was very very interesting and my pupils took the chance to get as much information as possible for themselves. I think it has opened their horizon on possible jobs for the future. The companies liked it also because they had the chance to present themselves and talk to to pupils in direct contact.

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Son Nov 11 02:21:00 CET 2007

Schwamm drüber

On saturday I was at a cabaret from Gerhard Sexl about school. There were a lot of things to lough about! Many recognizeabel scenes and teacher-types. But there also was acknowledgement to the teachers work. In fact Gerhard Sexl is an active teacher himself. It was a fine evening with friends.

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Son Nov 11 02:03:04 CET 2007

The caretaker was on the run

On Saturday I installed David's new lamps above his new table. Concrete ceilings are not so fine for drilling a hole. But in the end he got a fine table-lighting that we tested with a caretaker-dinner.

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Son Nov 4 00:38:11 CET 2007

holmes is here

Maybe you went outside, headed east and looked up to the zenit at midnight. Then I am sure you wondered about a new star that shouldn't be there: The red lines show you the star-sign Perseus, the blue circle are the Plejades and the green circle ist new:

The thing in the green circle is the comet "Holmes" that amazingly increased its lumination and can be seen with free eyes:
Komet Holmes

The last picture is a close up, the shimmery thing is the comet:
Komet Holmes

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Thu Nov 1 22:19:09 CET 2007

never do this!

Never do what I did: RAM: 327 MB, 451 MHz. Start KDE, GIMP, Iceweasel, Icedove. Open a 9 MPixel Picture in GIMP, edit it so that you have 7 copys in the RAM and click on "save". It spawned to 250 MB in the RAM. The PC is locked and working and working... Log in at a console failures because there is a login-timeout of 60 seconds. So I think I will make a (sigh!) hard reset.

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