Die Jän 29 22:38:15 CET 2008


The husband of my best friend of the choir came under an avalanche on saturday. They think, he will not survive. That takes me down at the moment. Last August they got their third child.

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Sam Jän 26 22:59:48 CET 2008


Geometry in Austria is a speciality because of the history of geometry in Austria. In no other european country there is so much geometry in school as by us. Now I study Geometry at the PH in Innsbruck. It is divided into 2 sections: Geometry and Didactic. All of Geometry of the TU Graz was credited, so I only have to make Didactic.
But I am always at the lessons, because the tales the professor tells are very amazing. We constructed a Pentagon-Dodekaeder and an Icosaeder. I divided each edge of the Icosaeder in three parts and constructed in this way a football. We learned about "Frontalriss", "Horizontalriss" and axonometrical drawings. I did a lot of drawings. And I like it! Today and yesterday we had 14 hours geometry. I am quite tired. We constructed ellipses in different ways.
Btw: A Pentagon Dodekaeder is a body out of 12 Pentagons, an Icosaeder is a body of 20 Triangles that have equal sides. And I found a way to construct a Pentagon only with a ruler and a circle. But the circle has no ammount. You can choose what you want. Gess how or mail me for hints.

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Son Jän 6 01:33:41 CET 2008


After leaving the SH3 I met a friend and had to fix a problem with WILLI (Telering) and Vista (M$). I solved it and now she can use the Internet-surfing and mail system. Don't ask me, what I had to to, because I had only to remove a former Antivir-Program, install a new one and remove and reinstall the Internet-USB-device. The new AntiVir removed a former trojan and now I wonder, how long this will work. Maybe I will send Bernd (the 'Spammaster') the next time to her ;-)

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Son Jän 6 01:22:17 CET 2008

cug conf

On friday we had our yearly Cug-conf. I cooked Enchiladas Rojas and afterwards I listened to a lot of spam lectures. There was also a report from making a still-picture-video that was very interesting and a lot of personal talking. In addition we fixed some malfunctions of my laptop. Now I can use skype and can use wlan from the terminal. Fine thing. It works at home too.

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Son Jän 6 01:12:57 CET 2008

painting event

From Friday 'till Saturday 4 p.m. I was with the group "Mesnerhaus" and painted two pictures. It was fine for me to take the time and let my creativity out without any disturbing. Painting is a wonderful thing for seeing the world with different eyes.

For more paintings click here.

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Die Jän 1 02:08:28 CET 2008


I had Sylvesters evening in a circle of friends from Obsteig round an open fire at the crossing of a road. Until 11 p.m. we were astonished about the silence. Then only rare rockets found their way to the sky. From 23:55 until 00:20 we had fine fireworks around us and then silence again. We listened to the radio and finally sang our own songs round the fire. It was a fine turnaround of a year and I wonder what it will bring to me. I am sure, it will not be easy, but I will handle it. For sure!

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