Mon Nov 28 22:10:43 CET 2005


Today I opend a non-locked door in my house. My fingers slipped along the door and I heard a quiet sound of a smashing fingernail followed by a pain like a nail pulled under the fingernail. Outsch! After a look I noticed, that the cut is not where the flesh begins, but 3 mm inside the flesh. It is about 5 mm long. So half the nail is destroyed. A lot of blood came out. Outsch. First aid was a strong glue-tape to hold the nail down. Then I grasped the guitar and made a test. Outsch! Playing without the ringfinger for at least 2 months. Outsch!

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Fri Nov 25 23:37:06 CET 2005

First Lego League canceled

Unfortunately my boys were some kind of dismotivated in taking part in the FIRST Lego League. One week is missing. From a maximum ammount of 400 points they could only get 135 points with big luck. The presentation of the research was some sort of "null". So 2 of 6 didn't come today to the last briefing. In this case we decided to cancel our taking part in the competition in Schwaz. Unfortunately.

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Mon Nov 21 15:54:16 CET 2005

snow is here

When I woke up this morning, I saw little pieces of snow lying on some places. Oh, not the amount of snow that the forecast told. But when the train came nearer to Hall, the snow became more and more. In the five minutes by bike to school I became wet all over. In the meantime here in Obsteig too there lies a lot of snow. Gipsy's feet are too short to walk over the field. She sinks.

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Sun Nov 20 02:08:31 CET 2005

directors cut

Today I worked with a friend on cutting the films of our choire-concert for a DVD. He has a W2k machine with room for 120 hours film. *sigh* We started working hard at 4 p.m. and finished at 1.30 a.m. Well, we have finished 9 minutes and 34 seconds. The sound is excellent from the DAT-recorder. The best film is from Gregors handheld. Maybe you want to know something about the time-line-differences: In a 3 minute sound file you have a dieffernce of 10 seconds to the soundfile. So every cutout has to be streched seperately. But it works. Handling of the "one video track - two soundtrack" Programm (Pinnacle 9.x) is as simple as programing my LEGO-mindstorm-robot.

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Sat Nov 19 14:04:29 CET 2005

Ice age again

Today is the first day that our lake begins to freeze. From our rain-pot I took out today a 3cm thick round slice of ice. I placed it beside the street. Looks nice.

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Sat Nov 19 01:27:54 CET 2005

Games evening

Yesterday I had the first games evening where I went to by train and bus, it was in Aldrans near Innsbruck at Ursls home. And it works. We had a very very good dinner with salad and Kasspatzln. Afterwards we played "Kuhhandel". It was a very nice evening with Ursl, Philipp, Gudrun and David.

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Sat Nov 19 01:22:22 CET 2005


My boys failed to install DSL to the HDD. But they liked the live-CD.

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Sat Nov 19 01:17:29 CET 2005

Winter is here

Coming home from a games evening, I found my car (in Mötz) covered with snow, so I had to clean it. Driving home was tricky. Little sliding round the corner. Sounds like a song title, but that was the style I drove home. In Obsteig I met the salt-car, but in the other direction. The snow lies about 1 cm high. I can measure the grip of my tyres in the snow. -4,6 degrees Celsius right now (1:16 a.m.)

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Thu Nov 17 23:09:58 CET 2005


Today I told my pupils some facts about Microsoft an Linux and who ports to Linux. They wanted to know more. So I started Knoppix and showed them Runlevel 2 and KDE 3.4.x. Some of them wanted to know more. The next story was about GPL and what that means. Some of them wanted to know more. After Kanotix and DamnSmallLinux two of them (all are 15) wanted to know more about DSL. So I started a download, burned the iso-file and we booted one PC. They wanted to know how to bring this dsl to HDD. I told them but said that if they are not gurus, they should keep fingers away. "Egal, des riskier ma!" (Anyway, we'll take the risk and do it). So they took home an iso of DamnSmallLinux. Wonder what they will tell tomorrow.

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Wed Nov 16 23:06:01 CET 2005

Snowfall starts

Right now I was outside for a cigarette. 11 p.m. Snowfall startet. Wonder what it looks outside tomorrow morning.

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Tue Nov 15 23:32:00 CET 2005


What a wonderful autumn. It is the middle of november and I took a (probably the last) cycling tour in the warm sun. It lasts an hour and took me from the "Grünberglift" to the "Pensionistenweg" and further on to "Gschwent". I enjoyed the last sunbeams and the scenery and the warm sun and cycling. Today I tested the winter-clothing-outfit for mountainbiking and it is warm enough. The coldest place is under the helmet. I'll find a way to warm my ears.

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Mon Nov 14 23:10:07 CET 2005

Ice age

As I got up today, I saw dark blue sky, the last stars and a wonderful dawn. At Fronhausen I saw nothing but fog. At school I saw fog. Back home again I had a cup of coffee out on the terrace in the sun under a wonderful sunny blue sky.
Today I wanted to take water out of the rain pot to wash out the bio-waste-pot. I had to take a big piece of wood to smash the ice to get to the fluid water. So here he is: winter!

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Sat Nov 12 01:22:18 CET 2005


Today we had an event at our school: SchuWiDu which means in german: "Schule, Wirtschaft und Du". We had 20 different manufactors her, from "Gartencenter" to "Spengler" to "KFZ-Mechaniker" to "Maskenbilder", "Zimmerer", "Tischler" and so on. Pupils from 3rd and 4th class from 7 schools arround Hall came with their teachers and visited the different jobs. Somtimes there were pupils from the last years, they presented their work, the young pupils could do some handcrafts. So they (hopefully) got an overview over different jobs they could do and maybe the cought a glimpse that doing a handcraft job is not worse than going to school for 4 more years. All in all it was a good event for all. We presented our school and what we do here. In fact, our pupils did this, I didn't say a word. And that was very good and they did a good job.

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Wed Nov 9 23:32:47 CET 2005

conference No.1

Today we had our first conference in school after the ones from the beginnig of the school-year from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Strange, but it was a fast event. No long discussions, no feeling like walking on hot asphalt. Afterwards a beer at the geisterburg. Back home by train and car from Telfs.

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Sun Nov 6 17:04:49 CET 2005

New drive

After the full update of my System, I had several hours with no acceess to the net, even not to my router. Thanks to Gregor for finding the solution: I had 2 network-devices and Linux took them one time eth0 and eth1 and the next time eth1 and eth0. Finally both had the same IP. The solution was then to unscrew the wrong network device physicaly. And because the PC was open I added a dvd-drive. Next challenge will be to view DVD-films on the computer.

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Sat Nov 5 01:26:48 CET 2005

big update

After some weeks of doing nothing I made an update. 477 MB to download. I got a full new system. kde 3.4 mostly. But I lost some beloved programs: k3b and gwenview. Maybe in the next days?
After the first update I had no access to the Internet, but after a full restart with no energy to all devices it worked. I lost some programs as k3b and gwenview, as I saw in the first moments. Wonder, what the future will bring. For burning CDs I use now xcdroast. Burnt the first CD with it. So it works.

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Mon Okt 31 23:34:41 CET 2005


Heavy destroyed villages were rebuilt.
damaged house
Next doctor 1,5 hours away. Church windows from Innsbruck. Slovenska speaking aunts.

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Sun Okt 30 23:30:01 CET 2005


church full, real Klingelbeutel! Memorials for WW I soldiers.
Bovec airport with models flying more than reals.
Bovec airport

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Sat Okt 29 23:00:39 CET 2005

Travel to Soca

via Bruneck Stallersattel
Antholzer See
Arnoldstein, Cave di Predil
Ein See
to Soca. Wonderful Flitscher Klause.
Flitscher Klause
Colourful trees.
Coloured trees

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