Sun Dec 31 00:21:14 CET 2006

mothers little helper

Last night we had a nice debian install party although I was the only one that installed Debian in fact. But first things first:
We met to install different (k)(x)(edu)buntus on PC and Apple. I was there with an Celeron 333 with 96 MB RAM and 3,4 GB HDD to try to make him walk. The first try was xubuntu. It failed definitly. After hours of configuring "anthy" and finaly installing GNOME without "menu", there was nothing at all there to use. It should have installed xfce. Thanks to Philipp, he invited Martin, a Debian developer, to bring in "Schweinsbraten". He helped me to install... pardon, I watched him installing Debian with xfce. I think it was the fastest install at the event. We put abiword, gnumeric, firefox, icedove, xmms, k3b, gwenview, xpdf and some minor programs on the PC. We installed a new soundcard, a new CD-drive and a new flatscreen. The little thing works very very fine and so fast that it is unbeleaveable. I heard voices like "I also want an old PC!" in the audience. The PC is now not walking, it is running!
I learned a lot at the event, that finished at 3 a.m. with a final beer.

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Thu Dec 28 01:18:42 CET 2006


Finished the second Geli modell this year. You remember? Geli models are in 1 : 33 1/3 scale made of paper. This one is the Saab "Safir" 91d, an austrian air force plane. Have a look at Geli models

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Sat Dec 23 00:05:15 CET 2006

xmas shopping

finished my xmas-shopping within 3 hours. Great: no stress, no action, no hunting, just simple shopping.

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Thu Dec 21 00:07:17 CET 2006

xmas shopping

On Dez. 20th I started my xmas shopping with having a look in the shops. It lasted about 1 hour. On friday I will finish it. So I have missed all shopping saturdays and Dez 8th. What a pitty...

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Sun Dec 17 00:25:18 CET 2006

Adventstrasse Obsteig

Yesterday we had the "Adventstrasse" in Obsteig, where I arranged the appearance of my choir. We had a nice little house, offered "Punsch" and "Kinderpunsch" together with "Fleischkassemmeln" and the allover present "Bier". Most of the other associations of Obsteig appeared there and offered different things, like "Glühwein", "Bier", "Kiachln", "Bier", "Glühwein", "Bier", "Glühwein", "Glühwein", "Glühwein" or "Glühwein". Started the day at 8:30 with building up our stand and finished it after some "Glühweine" and "Biere" at 23:00. On sunday we will finish it with taking down the little house. Thanks this is only once in Advent-time.

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Tue Dec 12 00:39:20 CET 2006


Yesterday was my first contact with the new Talent-train. Here is my report:
Until now I do not like him very much, because:
The passage way in the middle is very wide, so the place for the chairs is very small.
The seats are very poky arranged.
There is no armrest in the middle of the chairs.
No sunshades are installed.
The air condition is very very loud.
Chris Lohner announces the station twice so sleeping is very disturbed.
The train is not faster than the 40 year old trains.
There is only one toilet in the train.
The train cannot be enlarged.
And now the poitiv things:
The toilet is very very large and some kind of spacy.
The looking of the train is very cool.
This all may be the reason that it is not in use in the morning, when there are a lot of commuter. I hope they do not take a museum-additional-cash for travelling in the morning with "historic" trains.

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Fri Dec 8 00:54:52 CET 2006


Closed my lessons in school at the correct time, reached the train in time, drove my bike to Gregor, rang the bell - nothing. Called Gregor at the cellular - nothing. Got a sms: I am in berlin. It came to my mind that we talked about that. Shit. Because of the distance I missed the next train and had a fine time at the train station...

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Wed Dec 6 00:09:37 CET 2006


Yesterday on 5.12. I was Nikolaus in Stubaital. 10 families, a lot of glancing children eyes, kids breathless watching me, and a fine christmas feeling for them. It must be very fine to be a young child waiting for christmas. The first contact is Nikolaus bringing the christmas feeling and little gifts. Unfortunately some of them get a lot of gifts and not only a little present from Nikolaus. But all in all I think the kids liked it. They sang a song, the spoke a verse and they painted little pictures.
Nikolo 2006

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Sun Dec 3 23:03:57 CET 2006


Yesterday we saw the first parts of ice on the lake. But today, 3.12.2006 was the first day that the lake had a closed ice cover. Funny was the sound when the surface was freezing: it sounds like a swarm of alien birds and lasted for about one hour. Strange.

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Sat Dec 2 00:32:45 CET 2006

007 Casino Royale

Until now, On her majesties secret service with George Lazenby from 1969 was my favourite Bond movie. But now I have to make a revision. The new Bond in Casino Royale is much more better. It's a Bond as Ian Fleming wrote it down: Vicious, strong, sexy but also contemplative. In Flemings novels he had no high tech gadgets. In this film the only gadget is invisible under his skin, hightech and with only little use. It saves his live via cellular. Stunning car chases with the new Aston Martin DBS, coming 2007, spectacular free running chases. Finaly a love story with an actress that was not twodimensional. And the music was like the film: fine, up to date and first of all: cool.

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Fri Dec 1 00:15:59 CET 2006


Finished the "Akademielehrgang Elektrotechnik" with a test during a course in St. Kathrein am Offenegg in Styria successfully. The first step to the lectureship for the PTS is done.

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