Wed Mar 15 00:04:08 CET 2006


After a lot of searching in my cellar I found my old hand held transceiver for 2m FM, an ALINCO 203 E. The last recharge of the batterys was 1987. So I wondered, if this thing still works. I charged the batteries for 15 hours and then started it. Well. There were the frequencies, I stored in 1987 still there. Today, I switched it on for the whole evening, no problems to listen to the recievers on Gr├╝nberg OE7XWH and Patscherkofel OE7XTI. My amateur radio sign is OE7JAJ. I listened to a talk between Mieminger Plateau and Sydney/Australia. Quite nice. Amateur radio is back again. :-)

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Sat Nov 19 01:27:54 CET 2005

Games evening

Yesterday I had the first games evening where I went to by train and bus, it was in Aldrans near Innsbruck at Ursls home. And it works. We had a very very good dinner with salad and Kasspatzln. Afterwards we played "Kuhhandel". It was a very nice evening with Ursl, Philipp, Gudrun and David.

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Wed Aug 17 00:27:41 CEST 2005

in the heat of a summers night

Obsteig is at an altitude of 1000m. Today this was the hight of the deepest clouds. I was wearing shorts and t-shirts. The temperature was falling to 5 degrees C. The air was wet from the clouds. Sight was about 100 m. So I thought by myself: A warm November day with daylight until 9 p.m. is quite good. Unfortunately it is August, 16th. Even the cold beer after the work (helping to make a horce-fence) was not that refreshing.

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