Sam Feb 16 23:38:17 CET 2008


On friday I had my first exam in geometry. Well. And after that my holidays started. Relaxing for one week will be very fine!

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Sam Jän 26 22:59:48 CET 2008


Geometry in Austria is a speciality because of the history of geometry in Austria. In no other european country there is so much geometry in school as by us. Now I study Geometry at the PH in Innsbruck. It is divided into 2 sections: Geometry and Didactic. All of Geometry of the TU Graz was credited, so I only have to make Didactic.
But I am always at the lessons, because the tales the professor tells are very amazing. We constructed a Pentagon-Dodekaeder and an Icosaeder. I divided each edge of the Icosaeder in three parts and constructed in this way a football. We learned about "Frontalriss", "Horizontalriss" and axonometrical drawings. I did a lot of drawings. And I like it! Today and yesterday we had 14 hours geometry. I am quite tired. We constructed ellipses in different ways.
Btw: A Pentagon Dodekaeder is a body out of 12 Pentagons, an Icosaeder is a body of 20 Triangles that have equal sides. And I found a way to construct a Pentagon only with a ruler and a circle. But the circle has no ammount. You can choose what you want. Gess how or mail me for hints.

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Mon Dez 10 23:38:52 CET 2007

Parents day

Today we had the day for parents to talk with us. A lot came, but only from the good pupils. So I had to tell only good news. Fine and quickly finished. Thanks I have a lot of good pupils this year.

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Sam Dez 8 01:02:34 CET 2007

further education

Today I was at the PTS in Wörgl for further education. We built up a pulley. (A bottle-train for germanists). We produced all single units by ourselfes. It was very interesting but in the end, we should pay 50 EUR for the plan. (The plan for this unit plus some other pieces). So I decided to make a plan for myself and publish it for the other teachers. I can see no reason to take cash from teachers when it is usefull for all because of new practice-pieces. There is no need of getting money from all things in education.

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Son Nov 25 01:00:10 CET 2007

First Lego League

The FIRST Lego League 2007 is history. We had a great day, started at 7:35 at main station Hall in Tirol, then in Schwaz 3 rounds of Robot-contest, Research presentation, Team presentation and Techniques presentation. We finally endet up very very good with rank 2 (silver) in Robot-design and programming and rank 3 (bronze) in Teamwork. The best ranking ever in the last 5 years. The boys were happy and me too! I think this will have positive effects for the rest of the year in school!

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Fre Nov 23 22:56:58 CET 2007

pre FLL

Although I finished school today at 10:25, I left the school-house at 15:30. We managed the last details for the First Lego League tomorrow. I wonder how my pupils will act tomorrow in Schwaz at the contest. They have the project presentation, they have most of the robot-contest and they became a little Team, that, I hope, they will show the jury tomorrow. Nevertheless it was worth the energy I put in, even when they will not win at all. The group evolved from several pupils to a team of members, each with a responsibility to the others. I think I will see the positiv effects throughout the rest of the year. That is: 131 days of school until the beginning of summerholidays.

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Fre Nov 16 23:26:01 CET 2007


"Schule - Wirtschaft - und Du" was the title of the todays event at my PTS. 26 ventures presented their apprenticeships. Felder, Dinkhauser, Jäger, Strabag, Swarovski and more, and also our school presented themselves to pupils of the third class and for our pupils. So they got a view on possible jobs. It was very very interesting and my pupils took the chance to get as much information as possible for themselves. I think it has opened their horizon on possible jobs for the future. The companies liked it also because they had the chance to present themselves and talk to to pupils in direct contact.

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Fre Sep 21 23:46:16 CEST 2007

final exam

Today I had my final exam for the PTS-licence. One question was about the project-methode shown on the FIRST-Lego League and the second was explaining new teaching methods shown on moodle or something equal. I finished it quite good, so you can call me quadrouple-ped. ;-) I will get the paper on friday. Ok, another part of my study is finished now.

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Fri Jul 6 22:44:51 CEST 2007

end of teaching days

After 179 days of teaching in 43 weeks the teachingless time begins today and will end in 9 weeks. At the final mass I played the rhythm-guitar in the school band, 3 teachers and 5 pupils, great sound and much fun. But we also had a handful of "rotztuttnfetten" pupils that puked in front of the parkhotel. It is the first year that this happens. I am happy that recreation time is here now. And: No mercy please!

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Wed Jun 20 23:45:45 CEST 2007


My todays advanced education was about welding. We learned about welding with electrodes and welding with inert gas. In fact we used MAG, metal activ gas. The difference ist the gas: MIG uses Argon and MAG uses carbondioxide. It is cheaper. We learned about different seams and tried them. Flat seam and gorge seam. Have a look at it and don't criticize it; its's the first time for me after 20 years:

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Wed Jun 13 23:40:18 CEST 2007

Mr. sledgehammer

Now I know again, how hard some people earn their money. Today I had an advanced education in forgeing. I was a blacksmith for 8 hours. Forging is done at 1200 degrees. We had 6 firestations working and so was the temperature in the smithy workshop. The whole time I had to use hammers from 1,6 kg to 6 kg. Imagine how my arms feel. But finally I handeled it and finished my two workpieces:

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Thu May 10 23:46:46 CEST 2007


Today was the first test with my pupils using moodle. I have seen some weak points and some things I can use very good. I will make some more tests this year to see how it can run next year better. All in all it is a very interesting method of teaching. Some rethoughts have to be done in teaching to use this tool with a bigger effort than normal teaching.

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Sun Apr 15 01:34:02 CEST 2007


Today I had a very interesting seminar about Robolab and the LEGO Robots. I made a program that lets the robot follow a line with only one light sensor.
Line follower

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Sat Feb 10 00:29:32 CET 2007

term break

Finally reached term break. Had Math in the fourth and fifth lesson and did calculating until the last minute. The pupils had no problem with it and did well until the last second.

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Mon Jan 22 17:17:41 CET 2007

server down

In every semester on a monday at 5 p.m. you can sign for courses online. And as every semester the server breaks down at 5:01 p.m. Surprise!

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