Mon Aug 7 00:38:34 CEST 2006

heating season

Today, Aug. 6th, we first started the heating season for this year. As the temperature was below 13 deg.Celsius for for the last four days (in the evening), we fired the oven today to get acceptable temperatures in the house. I think we finished the last firing season at beginning of June this year.

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Sun Jul 2 23:10:57 CEST 2006

cooling down the lake

Because the plants are growing too slow here, we have too few plants to shadow the lake. So the temperature increased in the last few weeks tremendous. Yesterday there were 26 deg Celsius, and that's too high. Algas would have exploding growth. So the fire brigade pumped away 400000 liters and filled it up with fresh cold water. Today the lake had 19 deg and that was fine cool swimming. And it is much more clearer than before. Hope, that will last until september.

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Sat Jun 17 01:08:22 CEST 2006


Today there was a thunderstorm that I had'nt seen before. After 3 minutes the water barrels were filled to the top. The lightnings lasted one hour.

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Mon May 22 00:27:17 CEST 2006

What a car

Of all the cars of visitors in the Seepark colony we had the most impressiv today. Claudias brother came and he drives a Porsche Cayenne. Wow, what a view in front of the house.

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Sun May 7 23:27:24 CEST 2006

endless housewarming party

One of our neighbours invited us to a housewarming party. The interiour of his house costed much more than the house alone. Imagine what features it has. wow! Beginning was on friday at 8 p.m. I went back home on saturday at 6 a.m. But I dont remember exactly how. It was a fine night. The following saturday I slept until 5 p.m. and then drove to Claudias mothers birthdayparty. No alcohol, no cigarettes because of too much the night before. Welcome to another week!

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Wed Apr 26 23:28:32 CEST 2006


Today I croped two trees in our garden: A peartree and a plumtree. Let's see how they grow and if we can harvest.
peartree  plumtree

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Wed Apr 26 23:14:19 CEST 2006

Helga the toad

Some days ago we heard a curious sound. The other day we were looking for the reason and found Helga the toad on the ground of the lake. Here she is:
Helga the toad

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Thu Apr 6 01:22:48 CEST 2006

snowing again

Thanks it's snowing again. The places arround the house had got a snowy covery. Puh! I thought spring was coming, but right now winter is winning! I wonder what tomorrow morning it will look like!

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Fri Mar 10 00:03:51 CET 2006

some more snowflakes

After waking up in the morning I opened the front door and thought I couldn't beleave my eyes. Too much snow! It took me 1 hour to free my drive out of the car port. So I missed the first train and was too late for the first lesson. Fernpass closed. From Fronhausen to Mötz a lot of standing lorrys without snowchains. But have a look at your own and compare with yesterday evening:
The terrace:
The front side of the house:
the house frontside
Gipsy is too small for this amount of snow:
Gipsy too small
No snow sticks visible at the side of the street. This is the lookout of the front door:
no snow stick

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Wed Mar 8 20:42:41 CET 2006

some snowflakes are falling

Long expected, but finally we got it: snow. Unfortunately it is still March and not November. I had to clean the carport driveout and had to remove 20 cm new snow. Thanks, it was powder-snow.

Looking north, in the background the B 189:
the street
The terrace:
Looking south over the lake:
the garden

update: now, 4 hours later there is about more than twice as much snow lying outside.

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Sun Feb 19 23:16:20 CET 2006

enlighted carport

I completed the light in the carport by installing a current socket, a light switch and a lamp with motion switch-on.

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Fri Feb 17 23:40:10 CET 2006

current sockets

With Bernhards, a teacher colleague, help I installed 7 current sockets and 2 light switches. Also the socket and switch for the carport. That caused a hole in the wall. Afterwards I closed all unwanted holes with plaster and tomorrow I will paint the walls with silmallin, a white chalk wall-colour. Made from a company this would cost about 1000 EUR, knowing how to make it by myself it costs 70 EUR. God thanks I know how to do this things.

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Wed Jan 25 23:27:39 CET 2006


Today I mounted a bookshelf in the living-room. Fine. Maybe a place for a little spacecraft?

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Tue Dec 13 23:15:04 CET 2005

to boldly go were no cat has gone before

After 18 month of living here my cat found a new place to explore: Katharinas high-bed. I don't know how he managed the stairway, but have a look at your own:
A view from high above.
There must be something higher!
Looking down the stairs.
I did it!

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Mon Nov 21 15:54:16 CET 2005

snow is here

When I woke up this morning, I saw little pieces of snow lying on some places. Oh, not the amount of snow that the forecast told. But when the train came nearer to Hall, the snow became more and more. In the five minutes by bike to school I became wet all over. In the meantime here in Obsteig too there lies a lot of snow. Gipsy's feet are too short to walk over the field. She sinks.

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