Sun Aug 30 05:38:58 CEST 2009


We installed a terminalserver for my school. As the other server, this one runs also with skolelinux.
First hurdle was the hardware raid controller: It didn't work. Bernies solution was to disassemble the part and install a software-raid which worked finally.
The second hurdle was a broken setup-routine: It stopped at a point and Gregoa discovered in the syslog an unanswerable question, because the the apt-key was expired. Gregoas solution was to install the new key direktly in the "target"-system, that is the new, but not yet installed system. Then all was ok.
The third hurdle occured after the first reboot without CD. It found nothing to boot from. My question was, wether the first disc was set as "bootable"? No it wasn't. After setting the boot-flag, the system booted as expected.
The fourth hurdle were different IP-addresses from different net-ranges for the clients. My solution was to use a switch for the thin clients to be in a different net.

Well after solving all problems the terminal-server works fine, the clients have access to their /home on the dhcp/ldap server and we can reuse old computers further more. I am looking forward to the praktice during school-duty.

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Mon Aug 24 00:59:38 CEST 2009


I am amused about a flickr translation. Opening a picture it shows me were it was taken. As my programs appears in german, the picture said it was taken in "Süd Karolina".

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Sun May 31 01:24:02 CEST 2009

kde 4

After an update with caliban with Gregors help I had KDE 4 on my laptop. Doing the same with bender I missed any file-manager. Doing the same at Claudias Arwen I had no problem. After chosing kde-full at bender I even have a file manager. So all three PCs were updated to KDE 4.x. Well, a new feeling to discover.

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Sun Apr 26 23:07:21 CEST 2009

a lot of traffic

Today I did an update of Claudias PC from Etch - stable to Lenny - stable. And after a short break of thoughts I changed from stable to actual testing. So I had a lot of traffic but the upgrade was successful and I had no question to any debian developer. I even managed the sound to act again. Well, that was pretty good!

traffic data

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Thu Apr 9 23:29:54 CEST 2009


In the last days I tried some editing of photographs on bender, my PC. I turned off all not currently used programs. Watching munin I thought bender will swallow:

Munin 1

I thought, this cannot be topped, but the next day I tried another photography: 12 layers with each a 9 MPixel picture. It took quite a while to calculate all data and to finish the picture:

Munin 2

Here you can have a glimpse a the final pic.

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Sun Feb 15 00:38:05 CET 2009


While having holidays I wanted myself to do a lot of things that were waiting for a long time. So one of the things was to make the router running that was lying beside me since the thunderstorm last July. Again a Linksys WRT54GL. The first thing I installed was OpenWRT without webinterface. Great! I took the router with me and together with Gregoa I installed webif. We made all settings and back at home:
The router named Atoz works well and does his job. With a hint from Albert I installed a little script, so now I can switch WLAN on and off by pressing a button on Atoz. Well! The next Thunderstorm can come!

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Thu Jan 22 23:20:19 CET 2009


And now from bender: öäü ÖÄÜ ß Well, thanks to gregoa and it was interesting for me too!

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Thu Jan 22 18:57:56 CET 2009


Here are my new öäü ÖÄÜ ß

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Die Jän 6 01:53:54 CET 2009


Still kein bißchen besser: Früchte, Rösti, Jägermeister

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Mon Jän 5 17:43:00 CET 2009

ASCII vers UTF8 vers ISO-8859

Since sunday my blog shows the wrong characters at äöü ß
So in the calendar Jänner is written wrong. And german words in the blog also Früchte, Röster, Jägermeister.

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Son Jän 4 15:33:58 CET 2009


Our annual meeting of the CUG was at this weekend and first I produced a tasteful dinner: "Kaspressknödl auf Sauerkraut", "Kartoffellauchcremesuppe mit glasierten Champignons", "Putenrouladen mit Gnocchi auf Spinat und Gorgonzola", "Kokospofesen mit Zwetschkenröster, alkoholisierten Früchten und Schlag". I think, I filled up my friends 'till the top (except Bernd). We fixed some problems, installed some new programs and had a lot of fun. Sleeping startet at 8 a.m. and endet at 3 p.m. Well ...

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Sam Okt 25 03:16:44 CEST 2008


With the help of Bernd and Gregor I was setting up our school-server with Debian-edu and Bernhard was with us too. In very short time the server was up and running and we had enough time to make some littel things work fine.
I am happily looking forward the work with our new schoolserver, called Tjener.

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Son Okt 12 01:24:33 CEST 2008

bender II

On Friday I went to Gregor and David and we started a little Debian Install Party. Mostly to reincarnate bender to bender II. After some hardware changes we started and bender II was set up within some hours. As you can imagine, tuning took some hours more and we finished tuning bender II at about 5:30 a.m. Back home I reanimated bender and what: he works as perfect as expected. No problems at all. I am happy to have a desktop PC back again.
The spaghetti were good, the night was short and bender ist back again! Thanks to my friends.

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Son Jul 20 01:25:10 CEST 2008


I am happy to introduce to you:
The name of my new desktop computer. I hope, he will serve me for a long time. He was borne at the install party on 18.07.08 at the PTS in Hall. We set up a third server for Burkina Faso and Bender. It was a nice evening with pizza and mineralic water, but in the end we finished up with two working machines. Thanks to Gregor, Bernd and David who helped me with this adventure.

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Fre Jul 11 00:43:44 CEST 2008

Thunderstorm and lightning

On monday, 7th there was a thunderstorm at Obsteig. One lightning hit something with electricity and that caused a voltage peak. And this peak destroyed at 5:05 p.m. the WAN part of my linksys. It lasted one day 'till I knew, what the reason for "no internet" was. I took my old netgear and it worked well. Today I brought the linksys to my assurance and I will get the money for a new on. So I ordered it right now.

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