Tue Aug 21 23:19:38 CEST 2007

Ooooh, what a feeling

Sitting on the sofa in the first floor, surfing or checking emails with my new laptop. Wlan works good even though the concrete.

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Tue Aug 21 02:37:24 CEST 2007

caliban works

Today I phoned with Bernd 2 hours and after that I was able to connect to the internet via wlan. For some reasons it is a very miracle connection. But my new laptop caliban is a fine toy and my sister used it very extensive this evening in the living room. Ok, let's see how it works in future.

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Fri Jul 27 01:42:41 CEST 2007


used gregors script for calculating the factorial of 30000 on my PC. Result: 5 minutes and 43 seconds. wow!

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Sun Jul 22 01:33:18 CEST 2007

my php

I found a reason for practising php: a site for my public_html site that shows in categories what there is. So I startet and at important points Gregor wasn't there, so I tried for myself. Look what I produced at this site completely myself.

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Mon May 14 23:59:45 CEST 2007


I was at Cosmos for an 1 GB xD-card for my camera. It was announced with 29,90 EUR. When paying, she asked for 22,90 EUR. Well, thats a fair price-policy.

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Sun Mar 11 00:30:47 CET 2007

Blauzahn 2

Is Bluetooth weather dependent? Today: 35 KB/s. Strange!

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Fri Mar 9 23:33:01 CET 2007


Bought an Bluetooth usb stick, installed bluez, connected it and it works. Now I can transfere the pictures from my mobile to the PC. But unfortunately it is a very slow connection 1 KB/s. Anyway, it works. In school it worked after installing a connection programm and restarting the w2k PC. :-)

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Sat Mar 3 02:14:20 CET 2007


After several problems with a PC from one of the choir's members I was called to solve the problems. My way:
Installed Firefox and Thunderbird.
Almost all of the problems were solved. Afterwards I installed foxit (pdf.reader), faststone (images), the camera and an ipod and all of the problems were gone.
Normal users want the PC to work; they are not interested in the operating system.
They dont mind what icon they click or what it looks like. They want it to work as they want.
Next time I will set Debian on their PC and sell it as a new lookalike.

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Fri Feb 23 00:04:19 CET 2007

USB stick

Bought an USB stick with 1 GB at Metro for 9 EUR. As big as my thumbnail. I have to take care of not breathing it in.

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Tue Jan 16 22:29:10 CET 2007

tatra's growing

Yesterday I visited my mam. Then I opened tatra's (her new PC) body, entered a PCI USB 2.0 card, 4 ext, 1 int. After the start debian said something like "thank you, I make it work.". Entered a line in fstab and tested it with my usb-stick and with my camera. Well, it works. This was followed by a short introduction to my mam and then she tried it by herself with my help: inserting this tiny usb-stick in the slot - done. Opening the console, arrow up-up, looking if there is the correct "mount ..." and then enter. She thought, she can move the cursor upwards on the screen, so she tried arrow-up, funny? Instinct? Opening gwenview, searching for the usb-stick-picture-directory and opening the directory. She can now handle gwenview: opening the thumbnail-view, opening the fullscreen-picture-view, forward, backward and back (esc). Closing gwenview, changing to the console, unmounting the stick (arrow up-up-enter), typing exit und detaching the stick.
I never heard a word like "strange" or "I'm not a programmer" or something like that. As I told you, she has learned DOS years ago, so it seems she has no difficulties to use the shell. Fine; very fine. I'm proud of my mam.
Mam and the PC

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Sun Jan 14 00:44:46 CET 2007

slept too long

After sleeping too long, that is 16 hours on saturday, I wanted to do something with the PC although I am not well at all. So I changed my favourite programs: I deleted iceape and installed icedove and iceweasel. well. Let's see how it is.

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Mon Jan 8 23:33:36 CET 2007

New Linux user

... is my mother! Today I brought her the brandnew PC we installed at the DIP 2 weeks ago. I told her, that she has to put the parts together by herself and she managed it perfect. She missed nothing and failed never. Then she started Linux for the (her) first time and had no problem to insert username and password. She had a short look were she can find programs, clicked on "German environment" and rearranged xfce into german menues by answering questions in the bash, typing Y or N with my help what the questions mean. Nice. Mam at the console. Then she started Abiword and wrote the first sentences, inserted a table and said that it's ok. Had a look at gnumeric and found it not difficult. And then she wanted to know, were she can see the directories and were the files are stored in. (youbel!). I then installed her printer, a HP 520, with no problems and printed a test page. Perfect. Last challenge: turn off the PC. But she found the button, noticed "Herunterfahren", klicked on it and that's it. The only thing she didn't know was that "modern" PCs turn the power off too. She wanted to press the start button again. Maybe I can move her to make a presentation at the next CUG-meeting. The goal of the next future will be the internet. Well, let's go!

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Sun Dec 31 00:21:14 CET 2006

mothers little helper

Last night we had a nice debian install party although I was the only one that installed Debian in fact. But first things first:
We met to install different (k)(x)(edu)buntus on PC and Apple. I was there with an Celeron 333 with 96 MB RAM and 3,4 GB HDD to try to make him walk. The first try was xubuntu. It failed definitly. After hours of configuring "anthy" and finaly installing GNOME without "menu", there was nothing at all there to use. It should have installed xfce. Thanks to Philipp, he invited Martin, a Debian developer, to bring in "Schweinsbraten". He helped me to install... pardon, I watched him installing Debian with xfce. I think it was the fastest install at the event. We put abiword, gnumeric, firefox, icedove, xmms, k3b, gwenview, xpdf and some minor programs on the PC. We installed a new soundcard, a new CD-drive and a new flatscreen. The little thing works very very fine and so fast that it is unbeleaveable. I heard voices like "I also want an old PC!" in the audience. The PC is now not walking, it is running!
I learned a lot at the event, that finished at 3 a.m. with a final beer.

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Fri Nov 17 00:15:28 CET 2006

new programs

I'm on the run for new programs. Found TeXmacs, a TeX UI that uses emacs as editor. Great, I liked it from the first time, because it feels like my preferred editor (surprise!). The next program I explore is inkscape. And I am astonished what is possible with it. Third is tuxguitar. Strange, but I think, I could handle it if I want. Let it grow...

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Tue Oct 24 00:00:21 CEST 2006

damned Openoffice.writer

Im writing an article for my study in OpenOffice.writer. Finaly I finished the text and begun to insert *.jpg pictures. After the fifth picture the program crashed down. After a restart it startet the recreation of the article and crashed down while doing it. Restarted Linux and restarted OpenOffice.writer. Again the recreation of the article started. And finished, so I had the article back again. But after clicking on a picture it crashed down again. Again and again. Now I fixed it by saving the article as *.txt, so the images are gone. Puh! But what now? I was very angry aout this! It seems that I will have to make a different file for the pictures and add them after printing out without page-numbers? Or make place in the file and add them by glueing them after printing out? Is that what I want? No! Any ideas?

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