Thu May 25 01:19:16 CEST 2006

a new bite feeling

Today I was at my dentist, female. She made three shots to paralyse my teeth and then it worked. She removed a lot of caries and filled the tooth with a filling. For six hours I had no sense in my face but then the feeling returned. And the torture left some marks. It was hurting when I tried to bite on something for some hours. I hate dentists, but I love mine. She is very sensible and so now I can bite again without any hurts after hours. Next appointment is in August.

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Wed Apr 26 23:41:18 CEST 2006

flea fly flow

It was horrible: In school I had to go out of the class because the itching was not to sustain. At home I found the reason: catman brought fleas back home and I got one. So he got a neckband and now I hope the game is over. I have got two bites. Awful!

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Wed Apr 12 01:17:53 CEST 2006

day 3

At the last day we visited the jewish synagoge, it is the second bigest synagoge in the world. Afterwards we visited the jewish museum in the synagogue, it was very very interesting. Then we pushed out our forints for additional meal during train travelling. And at 3 a.m we were back again in Obsteig.

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Mon Apr 10 02:26:47 CEST 2006


We gave a concert in the german comunity. They enjoyed it. There were many people from austria and germany. They liked it to talk to us in german. We went for a secon breakfast and found a 150years old cafe. In the afternoon we were invited for a dinner in an artiststown outside, Szentendre. It took us 2 hours to get there, and the chief, an austrian, was very pleased to had us there. Back home by a privat bus at 1 a.m.

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Sun Apr 9 00:13:06 CEST 2006


Night in a trainseat, a very full wagon. We had to put away travellers that couldn't read te reservation. Breaks where burning at the hungarian border; it was an awfull smell that was brought in by the air-fans. Coused some panic. But they rearanged the brakes. Budapest looks like vienna. We had a three hour city-tour. If nobody tells you, you could think you are in vienna. The man in the hotel found a restaurant for us, a typical hungarian restaurant. Away from all tourists. There we had a superb dinner for a minimal prize.

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Sun Apr 2 00:26:41 CEST 2006

Kühtai skiing

Probably the last skiing in this season was in Kühtai. Wonderful weather, the snow in the afternoon was quite wet, I would call it "Sulz". But it was worth the day. The "Erbssuppe mit Würstel und Brot" at the "Dreiseenhütte" was very good. In taste and price: 4,20 EUR.

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Thu Mar 30 16:45:59 CEST 2006

root from system removed

Some months ago I lost one filling. Some days ago the root was damaged and the pain was indescribably. I was looking for a doctor, found a female dentist in Haiming and thought by myself: Friday afternoon. But today morning the pain said: immediately! So no school, waiting at the doctor for spare time and finally I had the choice: remove the tooth complete or trying a root treatment. Ok, no removal, let's first try to keep the tooth inside. I remembered all from beeing at a dentist in my childhood , but I forgot one thing: the anesthetization paralizes all but the root of the tooth. Ouch! In 2 weeks we will have a date to look at it and then decide wether it gets a new filling or it will be removed. God thanks, root on my PC is still there!

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Mon Mar 27 00:25:34 CEST 2006

fine cooking

Today I had the part of cooking, and my decision was a summertime meal (MESTM). Sorry, but the names are german: The apetizer were "Kaspressknödl auf Steinpilzsoße" followed by "Nudeln mit Radieschen - Mungobohnenkeimlingen - Weißwein - Sugo und gebratenem Lachs mit Schnittlauchsoße". The dessert was "Schokoladenpudding mit Mangospalten". Time of preparation was 2 hours, time of eating 20 minutes and time of cleaning the kitchen 1 hour. But the taste was superb and the stomachs were quite full!

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Wed Mar 15 00:04:08 CET 2006


After a lot of searching in my cellar I found my old hand held transceiver for 2m FM, an ALINCO 203 E. The last recharge of the batterys was 1987. So I wondered, if this thing still works. I charged the batteries for 15 hours and then started it. Well. There were the frequencies, I stored in 1987 still there. Today, I switched it on for the whole evening, no problems to listen to the recievers on Grünberg OE7XWH and Patscherkofel OE7XTI. My amateur radio sign is OE7JAJ. I listened to a talk between Mieminger Plateau and Sydney/Australia. Quite nice. Amateur radio is back again. :-)

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Tue Feb 14 22:58:34 CET 2006

M-Preis 1+1

Today I had a wonderful day with skiing at the Rosshütte in Seefeld. A one-day-ticket costs 29 EUR, but M-Preis sold 1+1 for that price. So actually for one person 14,50 EUR. We were skiing from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at a wonderful weather and wonderful snow. In addition we reached a peak, the Seefelder Joch, as you can see, by foot. On the other picture you can see the Hohe Munde on the right, Obsteig and the Grünberg in the middle and the Stubaier Alpen on the left. In the foreground you can see Seefeld.
Hohe Munde
Seefelder Joch

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Sun Feb 5 01:00:07 CET 2006

My Yacht is on the way

Today I glued the port-side part of the hull of my yacht to the structure. Quite difficult because of the curves at the bow. But have a look at your own.

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Sun Jan 29 23:36:21 CET 2006


Today we had a workshop in drawing nudes. I used charcoal, red chalk and pencils. We had a model acting for 10 minutes per pose, so I had to draw very fast. The goal was to catch light and shadow among the body to form a picture that pleases the eyes. That was not easy, so I have a lot of torso-drawings because of lack of time. It was a very new experience for me: drawing bodys, drawing faces, moreover, drawing a nude. You know, 'till now I used to draw comics or technical pictures. So maybe you want to pose for me? ;-)

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Sun Jan 29 01:25:55 CET 2006

Wie im Himmel

Had a fine cinema evening tonight. "Wie im Himmel". Swedish film in which the choir travels to Salzburg. But you can see them coming to Innsbruck from the south. And in the city you can see Innsbruck in 2004 but the tramway is the one from the museum.

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Sun Jan 15 23:25:51 CET 2006


Today I had a very fine skiing at Hoch Ötz. And it was cheaper than yesterday: from 1 p.m. till 4.15 p.m. ist costs 12,70 EUR. And I had much more ski-run possibilities. Have a look.

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Sun Jan 15 01:15:01 CET 2006


Had a fine hour skiing at the Grünberg. 4,70 EUR for three downhills from 15:10 till 16:00. Because uphill lasts 12 minutes and downhill 3 minutes. It is meditative skiing; or more meditative uphilling...

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