Fre Feb 22 00:44:44 CET 2008

OeBB Vorteilscard

Last week:
I went to the station in Innsbruck and asked if it is true and possible to get -30 % on the price for the Vorteilscard when I show the IKEA-familycard. The answer was: "Yes, we can do it right now if you want." - "No thanks, I will search for an actual picture and come next week."
15 minutes before the departure of the train to my sister: "Here I am, I want the Vorteilscard with -30% because of the IKEA-family card." Answer: "Sorry, but that's not possible. You _have_ to buy a temporary card at IKEA and then fill out the form to get the real Vorteilscard sent to you. So you get the minus 30 %". "What? You're joking!". So I had to buy a full-price-ticket to travel to my sister.
I bought the card at IKEA in Salzburg for 69 instead of 99 EUR. We drove home and I wanted to print out the order-form to get the real card. While doing that I came to the point "upload a picture" and said NO. I had the picture in my hand and wanted to add it to the form physicaly. The page said: To use the IKEA card advantage you _must_ upload a picture online. Waaaahhhh!
Godthanks I could print out a ticket back home using the temporary card number for a 50%-ticket.
Next joke:
I took a ticket "Riedersbach - Innsbruck" because I have a ticket "Innsbruck - Mötz". Payed 20.30 EUR. After doing and paying that I tested Scotty, the System "From home to home". I said "Riedersbach - Obsteig" and got an offer with bus, same train and another bus from Innsbruck to Obsteig. Cost: 19,50 EUR. What? Longer distance - fewer price? Normaly I had to pay additional 2,30 EUR using the bus to Obsteig instead of the train to Mötz.

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Son Feb 17 00:38:45 CET 2008

devils haircut

Because of a comunication problem I got a devils haircut. "The distance device is plugged in" versus "The distance device is _not_ plugged in". It was noticed too late what was the truth. This is the song to the devils haircut.
Devils haircut

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Sam Feb 2 00:16:55 CET 2008

He died

Yesterday afternoon the husband of my friend died because of heavy brain damage.

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Die Jän 29 22:38:15 CET 2008


The husband of my best friend of the choir came under an avalanche on saturday. They think, he will not survive. That takes me down at the moment. Last August they got their third child.

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Son Jän 6 01:12:57 CET 2008

painting event

From Friday 'till Saturday 4 p.m. I was with the group "Mesnerhaus" and painted two pictures. It was fine for me to take the time and let my creativity out without any disturbing. Painting is a wonderful thing for seeing the world with different eyes.

For more paintings click here.

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Die Jän 1 02:08:28 CET 2008


I had Sylvesters evening in a circle of friends from Obsteig round an open fire at the crossing of a road. Until 11 p.m. we were astonished about the silence. Then only rare rockets found their way to the sky. From 23:55 until 00:20 we had fine fireworks around us and then silence again. We listened to the radio and finally sang our own songs round the fire. It was a fine turnaround of a year and I wonder what it will bring to me. I am sure, it will not be easy, but I will handle it. For sure!

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Fre Nov 23 23:14:04 CET 2007

sketching nudes

Yesterday we had another event of the actors group "Mesnerhaus". We engaged a model that actet nude as "Aktmodell" for us. We trained our skills to take a sketch within 15 minutes. The event lastes 3 hours and in the end I was exhausted because of concentrated sketching for 3 hours.

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Son Nov 11 02:21:00 CET 2007

Schwamm drüber

On saturday I was at a cabaret from Gerhard Sexl about school. There were a lot of things to lough about! Many recognizeabel scenes and teacher-types. But there also was acknowledgement to the teachers work. In fact Gerhard Sexl is an active teacher himself. It was a fine evening with friends.

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Son Nov 11 02:03:04 CET 2007

The caretaker was on the run

On Saturday I installed David's new lamps above his new table. Concrete ceilings are not so fine for drilling a hole. But in the end he got a fine table-lighting that we tested with a caretaker-dinner.

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Son Nov 4 00:38:11 CET 2007

holmes is here

Maybe you went outside, headed east and looked up to the zenit at midnight. Then I am sure you wondered about a new star that shouldn't be there: The red lines show you the star-sign Perseus, the blue circle are the Plejades and the green circle ist new:

The thing in the green circle is the comet "Holmes" that amazingly increased its lumination and can be seen with free eyes:
Komet Holmes

The last picture is a close up, the shimmery thing is the comet:
Komet Holmes

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Son Okt 28 23:23:30 CET 2007

Graz day 5

Woke up early, kids and breakfast. Yesterday I decided to take the train at 10:35 and booked via internet place and ticket. Lizzy brought me to the station, it poured basins of water. The train was filled like a tin can of sardines. Even my booked place was occupied (from a nice girl). 5 hours later a change to the regional train and then back home again. Big welcome from my cat, about 30 minutes caressing then feeding. Well, that was a too short trip to Graz, but very fine.

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Sun Oct 28 01:50:22 CEST 2007

Graz day 4

Early wake up today. Went shopping with Lizzy and Martin. Fine dinner and then a repair job at my grandmas bath. Done. Oliver took me up and we drove to Rabnitz. Coffee and cake, children and playing, talking and then dowsing for water in the childrens room. Talking about this and that. Back home I played another "Settlers of Catan" game with Lizzy and today I really didn't win. Unfortunately. Computing with Martin and burning a DVD with pictures. Well, that have been my short hollidays at Graz.

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Sat Oct 27 11:51:43 CEST 2007

Graz day 3

Woke up, get out of bed, breakfast and dinner: schnitzel and chips. As desert: 4 hours of sleeping. A short trip to Helmut J. in the Wienerstraße, talking about news and happy to meet again. Next term was "Abenteuer Menschheit", a game from Klaus Teuber. Finished the evening watching "Was gibt es neues". Great day.

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Fri Oct 26 02:49:37 CEST 2007

Graz day 2

Woke up with 2 children in my arms. They were not sleeping, they had 100% power. So I stopped the process of sleeping. Their grandma came and we had a fine dinner. In the afternoon I did a walk through Conrad. Bought some interesting books. Met my grandma and had a fine talk. In the evening I played settlers of catan with Lizzy and had a fine evening. Now I am tired enough for sleeping.

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Thu Oct 25 03:06:38 CEST 2007

Graz day 1

Finished teaching at 12:30, back home, eating, packing, to the train at 16:27 and the travell begun. Overfilled train until Schwarzach/St. Veit, empty train until Graz. Wet but not rainy, warmer than in Tirol. Talking about this and that, school and router, boys and girls, strings and ... bicycles. Fine to be here.

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